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We are currently in the process of defining our affiliate incentive program policy and agreement. As of yet we have not determined how best to reward our affiliates. We will most likely be paying percentages of logged sales from tracked referrals. However, we have been exploring the idea of rewarding our affiliates with free products based upon unique traffic referred as well. These are only ideas at the moment.

At any rate, even though our policy has not been established the affiliate entry and management systems is operational from the technical standpoint. Meaning you can sign up as an affiliate and manage your affiliate accounts. The affiliate entry gateway is tracking all activity to and from the affiliate sites and logging all associated referred sales and participation statistics.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of our site, you may sign up and activate your account. we will in turn list you in our affiliate database with return links and begin tracking activity from your site. Then as our policy is developed we will implement the incentives based on traffic referred since the creation of your account.
We hope to have our policy established soon, but in the interim please sign up and start

Customer service email address: support@MoviesUpdated.com