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Sathyaraj’s ‘Adavadi’ problems


adavadiPeriyar’ star veteran actor Sathyaraj is having problems with the censor board with his film "Adavadi". The Regional Censor Board has denied director Bharath Hanna’s ‘Adavadi’, the requisite certificate on the grounds that some scenes would hurt the sentiments of a particular community. Now the film’ producer and the director have now decided to go in appeal against the regional board's decision.

Sathyaraj plays the role of a film director in "Adavadi". A particular scene to which the censor board members took strong exception is the one in which Sathyaraj desecrates a temple after abusing a deity following a distressing visit with a mentally ill.

A staunch follower of EVR Periyar and the Dravidian movement, Sathyaraj is known to propagate EVR's ideals through his films as in Adavadi.


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